Trial box

Trial box

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27,50 € + delivery fees


The perfect box to discover Ninkasi beers

This trial box has been designed especially for curious beer lovers eager to discover Ninkasi products.

It contains 3 75cL typical Ninkasi beer bottles, each one along with their tasting glass :

  • Ninkasi Blanche, wheat beer with subtle citrus aromas 
  • Ninkasi IPA, fruity beer with a strong bitter taste
  • Ninkasi Triple, golden abbey beer with strong sweetness

1 75cL Ninkasi Blanche bottle with its 25cLNinkasi Basic glass

1 75cL Ninkasi IPA bottle with its 50cL Ninkasi Conil glass

1 75cL Ninkasi Triple bottle with its 25cL Ninkasi Teku glass


Ninkasi Blanche : Gold medals World Beer Awards France 2015 and Brussels Beer Challenge 2013

Ninkasi IPA : Gold medals World Beer Awards France 2015 et Paris General Agricultural Competition 2015

Ninkasi Triple : Gold Medal World Beer Awards France 2016

Food & Beer Pairings

Ninkasi Blanche : Seafood, grilled or smoked fish, goat's cheese, fruit desserts.

Ninkasi IPA : Spicy food, spicy sauces, reblochon cheese, cheesecake.

Ninkasi Triple : Strong cheeses, meat in sauce.